Secure Mobile Platform elevates your security to the next level. Access your sensitive data from a smart phone or a tablet from any place in the world.

Data protection

Eyasys implements central data storage policy. Anyhow, if any data are to be stored locally on the device, they are safely encrypted. 

Global security

With Secure Mobile Platform you can access your secure data from anywhere in the world. We extend your intranet in a secure way to your mobile device.


increased performance

Overall performance is increased due to faster access to critical data. Necessary information is updated in real-time saving hous and days of work.

Modified and Secured Android Platform


Built around a heavily modified and secured Android platform Secure Mobile Platform is and will continue to be compatible with Android apps that can be specially tailored for the customer´s organisation. Provisioning software makes it for administrators to flash new customized and personalized devices for any user. 


Disabled Peripherals

USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Near-Field communications are a potential security threat, these are disable by default, but can be enabled according to customer´s need.

Extending your intranet to mobile devices.


Secure Mobile Platform extends your company´s intranet to mobile devices in a secure, reliable and user-friendly way. The solution effectively counters eavesdropping, theft and tampering while providing ease-of-use and flexibility to end-users, developers and administrators.