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Eyasys creates innovative solutions to help protect the welfare and safety of our community.

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Eyasys has a specialist team of developers and designers who are passionate about our work.

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About us

Ownership of our work

Here at Eyasys we focus on creating and delivering innovative, secure and sustainable solutions to protect the safety and wellbeing of our community in partnership with law enforcement agencies and correctional services. Our growing business is already making a positive impact on the society we live in. Our business model continues to develop and grow as we use sound business principles and planning to build our future in this specialist field as demand for our services increase. Eysays is owned by the team who work here. We all value our partnerships with our clients and feel privileged to work in business that makes a significant difference to the community in which we live.

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Why work at Eyasys?

In Eyasys we encourage all our employees to develop their skills and increase their competence through continuous learning and opportunities to innovate. We foster a collaborative and close team who work together and learn from each other to create dynamic, smart products that deliver mobile and secure solutions for our clients.

We choose to invest in exciting business opportunities and encourage our employees to help grow and develop a strong and sustainable business for Eyasys.


Eyasys Mobile Violence Alarm

The Eyasys Mobile Violence Alarm is currently used by law enforcement agencies and corrective services as a protective measure against violence in close relationships or other threatening situations. It helps to increase the security for people exposed to violence and threats by quickly notifying an emergency.

Eyasys Mobile Violence Alarm is a violence alarm solution based on a locked Android mobile phone with a specially developed alarm app. Users of the solution can press the screen or a hardware button to trigger an alarm.

Using GPS, GSM and WiFi signals, the device can stream real-time positions, sound and images to a control centre when an alarm is triggered. The interface is generic and can be adapted to different customers and areas of use. The device has low power consumption and a battery life of several days.

The units can be directly integrated with the customer's private network and solutions or use a server component from Eyasys with APIs for easy integration. The solution meets high security requirements, including strong end-to-end encryption and other security measures.

Mobile violence alarm illustration
Monitoring bracelet illustration

Monitoring bracelets (Geosatis)

Geosatis is a Swiss company that, with its unique ankle monitor design and a number of patented technologies, is the world's leading supplier of monitoring bracelets.

Eyasys operates as a local partner and integrator to serve customers with special needs for ankle monitor software, data management, rules, user management, integrations, notification and more.

If desired, Eyasys can also do all aspects of provisioning, preparation and distribution of new and used monitors.

The ankle monitors can be used, among other things, to trigger an alarm when it moves into or out of defined geographical zones, attempted sabotage or reaches critical battery levels.

Eyasys Secure Video

Eyasys Secure Mobile Video enables secure audio and video calling on dedicated, cost-effective Android-based devices. In addition, the position of the device is streamed so that the recipient can see where the device is during the call.

The solution can be deployed with Docker on the customer's own servers or an optional cloud service, e.g. to keep the data flow within national borders. Data is transmitted via secure end-to-end encryption with WebRTC and SSL and is therefore suitable for customers with particularly high security requirements.

The web application allows you to manage devices, users and statistics. Facilitated for integrations with other systems.

The product is currently used by controlling bodies in Norway with a need for repeated secure communication with individuals on a dedicated unit with sharing of position.

Secure video illustration

We develop innovative products that contribute to the safety and wellbeing of our society

Consulting services

Eyasys partners with our clients to provide specialist, highly experienced IT developers to selected customers. These are specialists that can take on roles such as senior software architect or lead developer in the customer's demanding projects to deliver our solutions.

The expertise offered consists of, among other things, a particularly high level in Java, C++, Scala, Python and Android (Kotlin/Java).