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Press release

Eyasys AS has been awarded a new agreement on the management and further development of mobile and reverse violence alarms (MOVA) for the police from 1. January 2024.

Eyasys has won the police's tender to cover the police's needs for further development, maintenance and logistics of existing solutions and services related to mobile and reverse violence alarms. The new contract has a duration of up to ten years, of which six years are regulated as option years. The estimated value of the assignment is NOK 210 million.

Eyasys is grateful to have received renewed trust from the police, who have been customers of Eyasys' secure mobile platform with positioning and secure communication since 2012. General manager Øyvind Rakkestad says he is proud of the value all the employees deliver every day for the police. He points out that it gives an extra good feeling to collaborate on developing and managing innovative technological solutions that contribute to a safer society.

About mobile violence alarm

Mobile violence alarm is a time-limited protection measure which, after an assessment, is used by people who are, or have been, exposed to violence or threats, preferably in combination with other preventive measures. The alarm is an electronic device (based on a mobile phone) with GPS that is triggered in threatening situations.

About reversible violence alarm

Reverse violence alarm means in practice that a perpetrator of violence is equipped with an electronic device, for example an anklet, which triggers an alarm with the police as soon as he/she moves into a prohibited zone. The police will then notify the victim of violence and can follow the perpetrator's movements on an electronic map, and then arrest them before they reach the victim of violence.

Reverse violence alarms can only be given after a verdict. This is different from a restraining order, which is a tool the police can use if they suspect possible violence. A no-contact order is a punitive response from the court that is given after an offense has been committed. It is only the court that can sentence someone (the accused) to a reverse violence alarm at the request of the prosecution (prosecutor).

The advantage of the reverse violence alarm is that it gives people exposed to violence in close relationships better protection,and by shifting the burden in a threatening situation from the victim of violence to the person who threatens or perpetuates violence.

Political signals indicate that the use of reverse violence alarms will increase in the time to come. The Government proposes to give the public prosecutor the right to impose electronic control of restraining orders where this is a suitable and proportionate measure. The government has also proposed the use of ankle chains as a measure to enforce a stay ban and use as an alternative to detention in the work against gang crime (source:

About Eyasys

Eyasys is an all-Norwegian technology company that specializes in mobile solutions with a focus on security and positioning. Eyasys has developed innovative and cost-saving solutions which are in use by several Norwegian public bodies.

Øyvind Rakkestad

Øyvind Rakkestad

Managing Director, Eyasys AS

Phone: 997 38 909