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About us

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Briefly about the company

Eyasys was established in 2010 by experienced IT professionals with a background in the defense and the oil industry.

We provide complete software development services including project management, UX design, test and application operation/DevOps to a few but important clients.

We are specialists in software solutions with secure communication, mobile devices and positioning.

Today we have 16 employees with offices in Oslo and Trondheim.

Why work at Eyasys?

At Eyasys, we encourage all our employees to develop their skills and increase their competence by learning new things. We are a small company with close collaboration and good opportunities to learn from each other.

As an employee of Eyasys, you work in a highly skilled professional environment. We specialize in solutions that combine mobility, security and positioning.

We dare to bet on exciting business ideas and encourage our employees to help pave the way forward for Eyasys.

Ownership of the work

At Eyasys, we focus on creating innovative and secure solutions. We want to have a positive impact on the society we live in, while at the same time creating profitability and growth. We believe that the people in Eyasys create the value, which is why Eyasys is owned by the employees.