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Monitoring Bracelets (Geosatis)

Geosatis is a Swiss company that, with its unique anklet design and a number of patented technologies, is the world's leading supplier of anklets. Read more about Geosatis here.

Eyasys operates as a local partner and integrator to serve customers with special needs for anklet software, data management, rules, anklet user management, integrations, notification and more.

Fotlenke i bruk


GPS positioning and GSM communication

Reports location to server at certain intervals

Multiple systems to detect tampering/sabotage

Alarm if geofence or other restrictions are breached

Integrations and interactions with other solutions

Advantages with Geosatis' monitoring bracelets

Safe and reliable


Easy to use

The product is currently used by control bodies in Norway with a need for repeated secure communication with individuals on a dedicated unit with sharing of positions.


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