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Eyasys Mobile Violence Alarm

Eyasys Mobile Violence Alarm is a violence alarm solution based on a locked Android-based mobile phone with a specially developed alarm app. Users of the solution can press the screen or a hardware button to trigger an alarm.

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Using GPS, GSM and WiFi signals, the device can stream real-time positions, sound and images to a control center when an alarm is triggered

The interface is generic and can be adapted to different customers and areas of use

The device has low power consumption and a battery life of several days

The units can be directly integrated with the customer's private network and solutions or use a server component from Eyasys with APIs for easy integration

The solution meets high security requirements, including strong end-to-end encryption and other security measures


Affordable hardware

High uptime and reliability

Long battery life

The product is currently used by public bodies as a protective measure against violence in close relationships or other threatening situations. The product should contribute to increased security for people exposed to violence and threats by quickly notifying an emergency.


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