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Eyasys Secure Mobile Video

Eyasys Secure Mobile Video enables secure audio and video calling on dedicated, cost-effective Android-based devices. The video call is started via a Web app (on PC or iPad). The position of the receiving unit is streamed so that you can see where the unit is during the call.

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The solution can be deployed with Docker on the customer's own servers or an optional cloud service, e.g. to keep the data flow within national borders.

Data is transmitted via secure end-to-end encryption with WebRTC and SSL and is therefore suitable for customers with particularly high security requirements.

The web application allows you to manage devices, users and statistics.

Facilitated for integrations with other systems.


Flexible and adaptable solution.

Affordable hardware.

Safe and secure communication.

The product is currently used by control bodies in Norway with a need for repeated secure communication with individuals on a dedicated unit with sharing of positions


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